The "Unique" Difference
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Notice the difference in the reds, the golden brown hair, and the hues! It is even more noticeable when you actually print it out and put them side by side. The one on the left looks as if it was left out in the sun too long. Now you could pay for special "photo" HP cartridges and get a similar effect, but you will pay more and you will be more limited in the types of surfaces you can print on (see our "FAQs" for more info). Additionally, if you use HP's special photo cartridges, you'll have to remember to switch out your cartridges whenever you want to print photos. With our inks it cost less than HP inks to print both photos and regular print-outs - you just keep right on printing!


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Compare the difference in color photo printing. Regular HP inkjet cartridges leave that "faded" effect when you attempt to print photos with them. You could pay extra for their special photo cartridges, but then you also have to remember to switch your inkjet cartridges out every time you switch between document printing and photo printing. But why when you can have the best of both printing capabilities in one inkjet cartridge, and you pay LESS for the ink!


Better quality for less is what you get when you purchase your inkjet cartridges from Unique Photo Printing. Take a look and compare our cartridges to HPs and see how we give you the facts about how much ink goes into HP inkjet cartridges, compared to how much we put in our inkjet cartridges. Often there is a HUGE difference - simply because we fill the inkjet cartridges all the way!

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All the typical very secure payment types you have come to expect over the web. We utilize PayPal services to accept:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • debit cards
Note: PayPal services do NOT require that you establish a PayPal account to make a credit card or bank card payment.
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The inkjet cartridges we sell have been used before and we have cleaned them and refilled them to their maximum amount. Because they are used and because we fill them to their max, the measuring chip on the cartridge will no longer work correctly. Allow me to explain why...

Once a cartridge has been used, the measuring chip usually will remain at "empty". Sometimes we can "reset" the measuring chip, but this still produces an inaccurate measure because it only measures what is used in printing. The chip cannot tell how much ink is actually in the cartridge. So HP sets the "full" measure on these chips at the amount of ink they fill the cartridges with (often only half way), and once that much ink has been "used", you are told the cartridge is empty. But since we fill them all the way (often twice as full as HP), the cartridge actually has a lot of ink left in it.

So how will you know that it is empty? When it quits printing.Wink

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  • Some of the most brilliant color photo and image printing ink anywhere! (Look for yourself on this website and compare the difference. Then use them to compare the difference yourself with your own pictures. You'll be back for more...)
  • Ink cartridges that are full so they last twice as long (did you know that your major brands only partly fill them - and often just half way!)
  • And on top of the having top quality color, we still charge less! (compare our prices and volumes)

How do we do it?

We have a local chemist who has developed a unique ink that:

  1. brings out the deep and the brilliant hues of every color
  2. prints on virtually any type of printable surface available
  3. and to top it off, our inks do NOT contain the harmful chemicals commonly found in the major brands

And these inks have a proven track record for over 10 years now.

We are not a large corporation with major: overhead, fancy packaging, and a large advertising budget. Nor are we trying to recoup costs from low balling printer prices so that we can obtain a profit by high cost printer cartridges. Our unique inks have been developed by a local chemist and are filled, sold, and distributed in a small business arrangement that insures quality and the best value to our customers.

Here is a list of papers that our inks will work on.

  • photopapers (gloss, semi-gloss, satin, hi-gloss)
  • film-clear
  • film-backlit
  • presentation bond
  • poster paper
  • outdoor media
  • canvas
  • vinyl
  • sticky-back vinyl
  • waterproof paper

We have tested our inks on several media manufacturers over the years...and we have tested all of H.P.'s papers and OCE papers. Additionally, Epson paper and Canon papers work very well with our inks.

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It is required to show the amount of milliliters (ml) on the cartridge package. You can check your cartridge, or you can simply look it up on our website (under "Buy Inkjet Cartridges") and we will show you how much they originally put in compared to how much we fill them. You can always count on us filling them to the full limit the cartridge allows.