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How Does Xanax Work

Does Xanax Work for Anxiety?

What do we known about Xanax? This is the most widely-prescribed medication in the world. Today it is prescribed both by physicians and
social anxiety

Xanax for social anxiety

Effective treatment of insomnia and anxiety is possible, if Xanax is prescribed. This benzodiazepine medication is a minor tranquilizer with
Xanax for panic attacks

Xanax for panic attacks

Xanax is the brand name for a generic drug commonly known as Alprazolam and prescribed as an anti-anxiety medication of the benzodiazepine group.
Xanax as muscle relaxer

Xanax as muscle relaxer

Xanax drug can effectively treat a vast number of disorders in males and females around the globe. Today most patients take this medication, if
Xanax help with headaches

Does Xanax help with headaches?

What do you know about Xanax? This is a prescription medication that is used by patients suffering from various types of disorders, including
Xanax for Flying

Xanax for flying

Xanax drug is one of benzodiazepines that struggle with panic and anxiety disorders in people of different age. When anxiety takes place, the
Xanax for insomnia

Xanax for insomnia

Xanax is a widely-used drug that is often prescribed for slowing down the work of one’s nervous system and dealing with mental illnesses and

Does Xanax help with pain?

What do you know about Xanax drug? This is a brand name for Alprazolam – the medication of the benzodiazepine group. All drugs that belong to

Does Xanax help depression?

Xanax is a known anxiolytic and antipanic medication, which is also the original name for Alprazolam. It belongs to the category of medications
Xanax for OCD

Xanax for ocd

Xanax or Alprazolam is prescribed to deal with cases of panic disorders and anxiety in patients of different age. The main chemicals of the
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n 1976 the pharmaceutical market started offering a new powerful benzodiazepine drug called Xanax. Many years have passed since that time, yet the medication is still in demand all around the globe. From what helps Xanax today? It is typically prescribed as a very powerful therapeutic anti-convulsant and anti-anxiety medication. It treats different mental health disorders including social anxiety, panic and generalized anxiety disorders as well as phobias of different origins.

The medication is offered either in an extended-release capsule or in tablet form. Though all benzodiazepines share very similar properties, they all differ in the speed of onset or duration of guaranteed effects. Unlike many others, Xanax acts very quickly in the body and promises only desired effects within the first 60 minutes of use. Generally, provided effects last for about 11 hours.

Conditions and Diseases Treated with Xanax

What are they? There is a long list that includes both minor and serious conditions. Different Xanax dosages and administration recommendations allow fighting any of them in the most effective and safest way.

  • Anxiety

The medication is frequently used for anxiety disorder treatment. It ensures a short-term relief of all symptoms even in cases when anxiety is closely related to depression, panic and phobias. The medication was approved for managing even the most severe anxiety disorders and their depressive symptoms.

  • Depression

Xanax depresses the central nervous system and blocks the ability of one’s brain to prevent the neurons from firing. It is able to decrease the activity of one’s brain. And though the created effects are similar to those of a depressed person, there is no depression and its symptoms.

When a patient suffers from depression, he’s unmotivated and lethargic. This medication never increases these symptoms but helps eliminated them.

  • Chronic pain

No need to believe that Xanax is one of the pain medications, because it’s not. Yet in cases of chronic pain caused by stress, anxiety or depression, this drug helps relieve it and make you sleep better. The only recommendation is that when taking Xanax for your lower back pain, for example, please administer low doses only.

  • Insomnia

Xanax enhances sleep in people, who suffer from insomnia. The medication targets the GABA receptor, which is a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. The drug enhances sleep, yet never over affects one’s coordination.

It is proven that the medication is able to reduce the time required to fall asleep. However, Xanax doesn’t maintain the sleep.

  • Fear of flying

The problem is common to many people. The fear is related to anxiety and difficulties of its managing. Psychiatrists prescribe this drug to people with the fear of flying in very low doses (0.25-0.5 mg three times daily). Xanax calms down the motor tension as well as hyper-vigilance, which are associated with anxiety. Side effects are possible. The commonest ones are fatigue and drowsiness.

  • Headache

Along with some other medications Xanax can be quite effectively used in cases of tension-type headaches. The administration of the drug is strictly controlled by specialists to see the first signs of overuse and eliminate them. The matter is that overuse often leads to chronic headaches and migraines.

  • Muscle relaxation

What are muscle relaxants? These are drugs that reduce muscle spasms. And Xanax is one of them. It adds to the prevention of the increased muscle tone. Thanks to its great effects, Xanax has already gained the widespread clinical acceptance. It is always appreciated by those, who suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain.

  • Panic attacks

By depressing the central nervous system Xanax succeeds in alleviating the feelings and lessening the severity of panic attacks, whatever they are triggered by. The produced results are called fast-acting ones. Xanax decreases the symptoms of panic disorders and ensures the feelings of calm.

  • Social anxiety

SAD can be effectively treated by Xanax taken according to prescription. It is true that SSRIs are the first line of medication treatment for a social anxiety disorder, yet these inhibitors often don’t work, which is why Xanax is prescribed.

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

They say that people with OCD live in a vicious cycle. They have irrational ideas and uncontrollable thoughts. And even though they know that all their ideas are irrational, there’s hardly a thing they can do to control them. Xanax gives such patients clarity and allows them being in control of their thoughts.

Now that you know from what helps Xanax, you can start using the benefits offered by this mediation. The only recommendation is to use it as it was prescribed, otherwise addiction will develop over time and bring many dangers with.

Dr. Andrew J. Olson

Author: Dr. Andrew J. Olson

Dr. Andrew J. Olson is a PHD in psychiatry. He is also a psychiatrist consultant at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. He also serves as a Clinical Director of the Department of Psychiatry, at Royal Marsden Hospital, in London, UK.