All about Xanax
Xanax and alcohol

Xanax and alcohol

Xanax is one of the benzodiazepines, which means that it produces quite quick effects when it comes to calming down the central nervous system’s
Xanax sublingual

Xanax sublingual

There is a quite common pharmacological way of remedy consumption called sublingual. In case it is chosen, the remedy diffuses into the system
How much xanax

How much xanax is too much

When anxiety and gloominess spoil your days, there can’t be a better treatment than Xanax. Its generic name is Alprazolam – after the main
Lowest dose of Xanax

Lowest dose of Xanax

Even pretty low doses of medications are beneficial, if taken correctly. The same goes to the Xanax low dose. It succeeds in relieving
How many Xanax can I take

How many Xanax can I take

The issue of how much Xanax can you take is never solved by one person only. It is always discussed by a healthcare provider and his patient and
Xanax and beer

Xanax and beer

Mixing Xanax and beer is dangerous even when the doses are relatively small. In professional circles this combination is called deadly. Why?
Xanax high dosage

Xanax high dosage

When you consume Xanax as prescribed, you are normally not regarded as one of the drug abusers. The one, who takes Xanax high dosage several
Xanax duration

Xanax duration

The quick action onset is one of the features that make Xanax a widely-popular medication to treat anxiety or panic attacks related to stress
How to get high on Xanax

How to get high on Xanax

When Xanax is used according to prescription, it promises great results in managing one’s anxiety and panic attacks. If used regardless of
Liquid Xanax

Liquid Xanax essential oil

Liquid Xanax essential oil is a favorite recipe for many users. They use it when suffering from anxiety or severe panic attacks, regular stress
Xanax overdose treatment

Xanax overdose treatment

When does Xanax overdose occur? It affects the brain and body when a person takes more Alprazolam than prescribed, either accidentally or
Xanax benefits

Xanax benefits

It is said that Xanax (generic name – Alprazolam) can treat any stage of anxiety disorder or even the most severe panic attacks. Xanax
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anax or Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine chosen for the sedative and hypnotic properties, which are helpful in relieving tension, stress, anxiety, any type of depression and nervousness. The chemical works blocking the results of GABA, which are involved into the nerve impulses transmission of the brain. It decreases levels of excitement and helps get relaxed. Common Xanax doses are 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 2 mg. There’s also Alprazolam solution – 1 mg/ml.

The experienced benefits greatly depend on the Xanax dosage prescribed. So, it’s suggested to have professional consultation and prescription before buying the drug. Caution is required when administering Alprazolam: very low doses may bring no effects and high ones lead to overdose, side effects, coma and even death.

General Xanax Dosing Recommendations

When firstly prescribed, the remedy is usually administered in pills of 0.25-0.5 mg daily. During the very first weeks of administration the healthcare provider should closely monitor his patient to learn all possible reactions and find out whether Xanax dose is to be decreased or increased.

The prescribed dose always depends on the condition experienced, age and one’s medical history. Here are some general instructions for doses of Xanax:

  • Consume the remedy 2-3 times daily;
  • After you start administering it, a healthcare provider may slowly reduce the dose to help avoid severe adverse reactions;
  • The dosage is always lowered, if patients are impaired, have liver issues or are over 60;
  • When cutting off Alprazolam, one will be asked to cut off the intake slowly before the full refusal;
  • The remedy must be stored out of the reach of kids, away from moisture as well as heat, at moderate temperature.

Xanax Dose for Anxiety Disorders or Transient Anxiety Symptoms

The treatment of patients with anxiety disorder usually starts with Alprazolam doses of around 0.25-0.5 mg. It is administered up to 3-4 times daily. On rare conditions the amount of the drug administered is increased, if it is necessary to get maximum benefit and achieve the greatest therapeutic result. The maximum dosage prescribed is 4 mg. The dose growth takes place once in 3-4 days.

Xanax is normally prescribed for a short period – around 8 weeks. If the therapy for anxiety issues requires a continued course, the lowest potent dose is advised to avoid health complications. No matter what the dosage is or for how long the treatment course lasts, the risk of abuse and dependence is always high.

When it comes to withdrawal, the doses must be cut down gradually. It refers both to when cutting down the daily dose or when discounting the therapy. There’s no clear evidence concerning a specific discounting schedule, however, most specialists suggest incorporating a daily decrease by around 0.5 mg once every 3 days.

NOTE: when anxiety is related to depression, a healthcare specialist prescribes 1-4 mg per day.

Doses for Panic Disorder Treatment

To make any panic disorder therapy effective, a patient should administer Xanax dosages that are higher than 4 mg. Lately, there has been a study conducted to establish the potency of Alprazolam in the treatment of panic disorder cases. The doses ranged from 1 mg to 10 mg daily. 5-6 mg dosages were proven to be the top effective.

1.700 panic disorder sufferers took part in the study. Nearly 300 of them took Xanax in dosages above 7 mg. A hundred of patients received maximum dosages – 9 mg. In rare cases a patient could require 10 mg to experience all the benefits.

NOTE: immediate-release average dose is 5-6 mg daily, 10 mg in rare cases. Extended release average dose is 3-6 mg daily. It can be increased by 1 mg once in several days.

Alprazolam Dosage for Elderly and Those with Previous Medical Problems

Elderly people and patients with the medical history of liver conditions should have their Alprazolam dose measured and adjusted. Such patients are regarded as very sensitive to the drug and its effects. They run a pretty high risk of suffering from adverse reactions associated with Xanax administration. Average doses for people with liver conditions are always lower than in usual cases.

Normally, the average dose is equal to 0.25 mg administered daily. To ensure better effects, a dose can be increased by 0.25 mg once in 3-4 days. The increase depends on patients’ reactions to the medication.

Withdrawal Symptoms Doses

How often can you take Xanax and how much of it can be administered when you need escape withdrawal issues and symptoms? It is recommended to slowly cut down the amount of remedy taken. The discounting should last for 2-3 weeks. The taken amount is normally decreased by 0.5 every couple of days. If 0.25-0.5 mg becomes an everyday decrease, a patient suffers from severe withdrawal symptoms. When less than 0.5 is decreased every several days, the process is never successful.

Keep in mind that benefits and results differ from patient to patient. They vary in each individual case depending on the severity of the disorder that Alprazolam was used for.

When a patient starts experiencing the very first withdrawal symptoms while the dosage is decreased gradually, he should get immediate medical help to reduce risks.

Dosage of Xanax Bars

While things are clear with the normal dose of Xanax, people keep asking questions concerning differently-colored Alprazolam bars, their administration and effects. Xanax bar dosage greatly depends on the type as well as the color of the bar. Today there are diverse varieties of bars offered in the market. The types are grouped basing on the color and dosage:

  • White: such bars are a 2 mg dose. The dosage is high and contains four tiny pieces, which are separated by scores. When it’s needed, you can divide them;
  • Green: they all come in 2 mg doses. Green bars ensure the same results as white ones;
  • Blue: they are not the highest dose of Xanax. Such bars are 1 mg doses offered either in an elliptical or oval form. The tablets are scored, which means that users can break them in half;
  • Yellow: they are 2 mg doses called the generic drug form. The produced results are identical to those ensured by white or blue meds;
  • Pink: a tablet pill is a 0.5 mg dose appropriate for anxiety or panic disorder therapy.

In case your Xanax dosage anxiety is 2 mg, you can administer the entire 2-mg bar safely. Most bars are divided into 4 portions. Sometimes a patient is suggested to break the bar and administer only its part at a time.

Buying Xanax bars dosage as well as breaking it into parts in order to match the recommended amount of medication is surely less pricey than buying the precise doses needed. The original bars are white colored, while generic ones are blue, pink or green.

And finally, an average user always asks how often can I take Xanax? It’s not up to you to decide how often the medication must be administered. Typically, it is taken 2-4 times daily, yet only a healthcare professional is able to decide on the dosage and periodicity of administration depending on your health and medical history.

Dr. Andrew J. Olson

Author: Dr. Andrew J. Olson

Dr. Andrew J. Olson is a PHD in psychiatry. He is also a psychiatrist consultant at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. He also serves as a Clinical Director of the Department of Psychiatry, at Royal Marsden Hospital, in London, UK.